Samantha D

“In a word, coaching with Claire has been inspiring. As we discussed my strengths and different areas of growth, we explored tangible steps towards fine-tuning these qualities. I looked forward to the new challenges that she gave me after each session as I learned how to navigate current service work, future career goals, relationships, and daily life. She is a great listener who makes sure the other person feels heard and validated. I ended our conversations feeling recharged and motivated to complete my goals while encouraging others to become their best selves as well. To anyone considering coaching with Claire, I would highly recommend it and know you will enjoy your time spent with Claire as much as I did.”

—Samantha D., Educator & Former AmeriCorps Promise Fellow


“Claire has helped me see clearly the barriers to my own success and to take them down one at a time. For me, her empathy and amazingly strong intuition make working with her feel safe and comfortable, yet also motivating and inspiring. I wholeheartedly recommend talking to Claire whether you know where you want to be but don’t know how to get there, or are just stuck and can’t seem to visualize what is next for you!”

—Erika R., Graphic Designer & Artist


bethany-springer“I knew I wanted coaching to help me break out of feeling stuck and frustrated with the slow progress of my business. I knew I needed business help, but underlying that need was a greater need for guidance breaking out of a limiting mindset around what is possible for me.

From the life coaching first session with Claire, I felt a noticeable difference in my perception of my problem areas. She guided me confidently through several visualizations that broke me out of a fixed way of looking at things and allowed me to actually feel in my body a new sense of freedom and hope when thinking about several deep issues relating to making progress, allowing wealth in my life, overcoming fears, and how to make a decision about the next step in my business.

Her sessions are enjoyable—even when she’s pushing me gently out of my comfort zone to examine my fears. I think it’s because I truly enjoy the visualizing exercises and mindfulness of the emotions I’m experiencing. The homework she gives me out of sessions is also enjoyable as I’m doing it and applying what I’ve discovered to my daily life. I’m really grateful for finding Claire and for the deep perspective shifts she’s supported me through.”

—Bethany K. Springer, Wellness Coach for Mindful Mothers

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